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Jul 8, 2011 5:00am EDT
neweth state at midnight local time. let's speak now to our guest in juba, who is lise grande, the u.n. deputy resident and humanitarian coordinator in south sudan. she is in juba for us. this is obviously a momentous time in the country and indeed in the region. lise, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. i just heard you. a what you do you think are the greatest risks now for the republic of sudan as this moment of independence comes? >> i think that what we're looking at in south sudan is probably the largest building exercised that we've seen in the 20th and 21st century. the challenges in front of the new government of southern sudan are absolutely enormous. in the coming months, the government is going to have to decide how to distribute political power, how to organize the economy, how to structure its military, how to deliver public goods and basic services. i don't think we've seen anything on this scale, as i said, for more than 100 years. the south is going to have to be doing all of these different things based with the largest capacity gap in africa, and it is, as we know, o
Jul 9, 2011 3:00pm EDT
nation of south sudan, rising for the first time over the capital city of juba. the country is officially separate today after five decades of on and off civil war with the mostly muslim north. the same flag rising today in washington, d.c. over the new embassy of south sudan. >>> the man who won this year's dancing with the stars, well, he may have waltzed himself right into trouble with the dui ticket in atlanta earlier today. hines ward who is a star receiver for the nfl pittsburgh steelers, posted a $1,000 bond. his mug shot taken of him at the dekalb county jail. >>> royal couple will and kate are in california. they're being greeted by celebrities and local politicians. california's first couple gave the couple an ipad 2 loaded with california themed songs and movies. prince william is set to play polo this afternoon in santa barbara. >>> in washington, d.c., a call for peace from the dalai lama, the tibetan spiritual leader spoke at an event called a talk for world peace, held on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. his message, change in society begins when we create a ca
Jul 11, 2011 1:00am PDT
independence became official in its new capital of juba. these are some of the celebrations in juba on saturday as the new country's flag was hoisted. south sudan was created as a result of a 2005 peace deal which ended decades of civil war. the north still simply known as sudan is facing. >> well, we've got some technical problems so left me just take over. i think pauline was just telling you that the north, still simply known as sudan is facing its own challenges after losing about three-quarters of its oil reserves in the separation. so what's next for the two nations and for the oil companies who are doing business there? cnn's reporter is live with news of juba. what are the challenges now, how to split the revenues between the north and the south. >> well, this is pretty much a divorce in name only. there has been no agreement on the sharing of it. the problem for the two nations is that while the majority of them in the south, the infrastructure is in the north, and the road to market is also in the north. so the only way for that oil to be marketable is for the two to continue
Jul 11, 2011 3:00pm PDT
nation is born, but with many troubles. at midnight friday in juba, the capital of the new south sudan, this sign said it all: "free at last". the turning of the clock to july 9, saturday, meant independence, and the creation of the world's newest nation. >> i am sending good luck to all the southern sudanese. >> woodruff: but the jubilation in the streets of juba came at a brutal cost. civil war killed two million people throughout sudan, spread across five decades. a 2005 peace agreement set the stage for an independence referendum this past january. southern sudanese-- largely christian and animist-- voted overwhelmingly to secede from the muslim and arab north. the new president of south sudan, salva kiir, spoke of the bloody past after taking his oath of office. >> we have to forgive although we will not forget. >> woodruff: indeed the run-up to independence day in south sudan had been marred by violence along the border in the abyei region, claimed by both sides and in the nuba mountains of the northern state of southern kordofan. >> people of south sudan: congratulations! >> woo
Jul 9, 2011 12:00pm EDT
of the now independent nation of south sudan, juba. our reporter is there. nima, what has this day been like? >> reporter: well, fredricka, the stands you see behind me are empty now. but earlier today, there was quite a party here. people have been dancing and celebrating. in fact, i can hear some stragglers still celebrating just now. they've been celebrating since the clock struck midnight, since they knew that the dawn of the birth of their new nation was finally at hand after over half a century of conflict. and many people believe that this could not have happened if it wasn't for the sustained u.s. support over the lifetime of the bush administration and now during the obama administration. a very high-level u.s. delegation was here led by ambassador susan weiss. we spoke to them earlier. they told me they're really optimistic about the prospects for south sudan, fredricka. >> i wonder, nima, what are people looking at as they try to paint their future for this new country. it doesn't have much infrastructure. yes, there are a lot of natural resources. but what are they hopi
Jul 7, 2011 2:00am PDT
now in juba which will become the capital. and celebrations are going to be under way on saturday. it will include the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, even the former secretary of state, colin powell will be heading to juba for these celebrations. but there are reports now that trouble may be on the horizon. there are satellite images from a monitoring group showing a build up of sue today meez troops close to the border. these are troops that are allied with the north of the former i guess country of sudan as whole. so there is trouble on the horizon, so people are a bit concerned about what could happen on saturday when the new country comes intoing being. >> hey, i got a question for you. if a dude sends his girl an engagement ring in the mail and she says no, does she have to give it back? >> i think should is he sell it and take her girlfriends on holiday. who does that seriously? proposing via mail? come on, really? he couldn't have been that busy. >> we're talking about dallas cowboys receiver roy williams who is suing his ex-girlfriend brooke daniels. he proposed
Jul 14, 2011 11:00pm EDT
being in juba with you, ambassador in others, and it is really impressive. i had the privilege of speaking in the cathedral with president keyer and millions of southern sudanese student in mind for hours to cast their votes for independence. i remember coming out of one of the voting place is on a defensive -- come to some of these people are going to walk away. their lines are so long and they can wait that long to go. cybernet defendants that, you know, hope to be patient and wait to vote. so help me, two or three people in good english cherner said senator, we've been waiting for 56 years. we can wait a few more hours. they didn't mind it. i'm on saturday, as a result, i've been a half decades of waiting came to an end and today, even as we are here now, events are taking place at the united nations and south sudan becomes the 193rd member. we should recognize that i know you do, mr. ambassador provide the reality is that two nations emerged on january 9. the newly independent south and the greatly changed our. both of these nations are fragile and remain in atlanta with reach
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm PDT
jubilation here in juba. people are banging on homemade drums. the independence of south sudan. people are driving up and down this road. everyone is here. we have even seen a fire engine spraying water on the people in a celebratory mood. people have been waiting seven years for this moment. the southern sudanese are waving goodbye to the north. the new nation is born. >> we will have more from south sudan later in the program. the british prime minister former head of communications, andy coulson, has been released on bail after being arrested on allegations of phone hacking. in the latest development, and an unnamed man became the third man to be arrested in the past 24 hours as part of the investigation. scotland yard says he was questioned on suspicion of corruption. our political editor reports. >> can you tell us what happened? >> what happened, the cops nikced cameron's man. >> are you the fall guy for this scandal? >> he was arrested and questioned for nine hours at the police station today on suspicion of conspiring to intercept the indications and corruption's. his former bo
Jul 9, 2011 6:00am EDT
. holmes. while you were sleeping a new nation emerged. i'm talking about the republic of south sudan. juba is the capital. it is epicenter of independence day celebrations. earlier this year, the south sudan niece people overwhelmingly voting to succeed from the now northern neighbor sudan. after years of intense fighting with the corps term base government. we are live in juba with a perspective on the world's newest country. nema, take us there. how is it? >> what you can hear behind me is the actual moment of the proclamation of independence. it came in over half a century of conflict to get here. the southern sudanese are now finallily in charge. i will be amazed if anyone in juba or anyone in the whole south got any sleep last night. even now, the official festivities are happening behind me in the public part of the parade route is pretty much just been one long party since we got here at dawn this morning, susan. >> and, nima, i was reading a quote. i don't know if you can hear me, it's pretty loud there. from a man who said i lost many relatives and today was a dream from my late f
Jul 18, 2011 8:30am EDT
this in motion, i had the privilege of being in juba with you, ambassador, and others, and general gratian. and it was really impressive. it was a remarkable event. i had the privilege of speaking in the cathedral with president kiir, and millions of southern sudanese stood in line for hours to cast their votes for independence. i remember coming out of one of the voting places, and i had a sense of gosh, some of these people are going to walk away, the lines are just so long and they can't wait that long to vote. so i went up to them and i said, you know, i hope you'll be patient, wait to vote. and so help me, two or three people in good english just turned around to me and said senator, we have been waiting for 56 years, we can wait a few more hours. they didn't mind it. and last saturday as a result, five and have decades of waiting came to an end. and today, today, even as we're here now having this hearing, events are taking place in new york at the united nations, and south sudan becomes the 193rd member. we should recognize, i know you do, mr. ambassador, that while only one
Jul 15, 2011 1:00am PDT
newest country. south sudan marked its independence with celebrations in the country's capital of juba. since 2003, foreign direct investment into both sudans reached more than $13 billion. the middle east accounts for a quarter of that amount with the investment in the construction, communication, energy and the farm sectors. qatar heeds the way with the projects. the uae, egypt and lebanon follow suit. with little infrastructure or government, south sudan will be looking for a lot of foreign investment from the middle east and elsewhere. >> reporter: as the flag rises, so do the expectations of its people. after decades of civil war and conflict, they're hoping this is the beginning of a better life. >> this coming year after the transition may well define the trajectory and health of the new country both in plig and economic terms. >> reporter: it's not just the far east. sending a high level delegation to the celebrations. in spite of their split with the arab north, the southern sudanese are lacking across the red sea to the middle east. ahead of the country's formal declaration o
Jul 10, 2011 6:00am EDT
sudan. its capital city is juba. independence comes after years of fighting between the islamic sudanese government and the predominantly christian south. we're joined live from juba. you spoke to the son of billy graham who attended the inauguration ceremony yesterday. what role did christianity play in all of this in bringing independence? >> well i think franklin graham's presence and the seat he was given behind the president was very indicative of how instrumental the evangelical movement has been here in helping to make public the conflict. and the reverend, when i asked him whether he would be able to respond to khartoms, he became aware of the situation in the south and knew after the network they could bring it to the attention to the people in the united states and perhaps try to help form u.s. policy towards sudan. >> such a big day yesterday. secretary of state hillary clinton is saying independent presents a new beginning for the people of south sudan, independence does, she says it's an opportunity to build a nation that embodies the values and aspirations of its people. th
Jul 8, 2011 4:00pm PDT
south sound, declared ind pen dense from the north, agreed to let it go crowds in juba started celebrating early. 7,000 troops and 900 uniforms police were sent to keep the peace. >>> after a week of doubt and angry demonstrations since austerity measures in grooerks the international monetary fund released the equivalent of almost $5 approximately billion tonight, which will help country defaulting on its debts. >>> mike monies heading to china where he is likely to face criticism for allowing the weekend naval exercise along with japan and australia in the south china sea. >>> welcome back, our top story, depressing jobs report from the government n wake of that report, is president obama's agenda helping or hurting? this past year alone there was a 93% increase in cyber attacks. in financial transactions... on devices... in social interactions... and applications in the cloud. some companies are worried. some, not so much. thanks to a network that secures it all and knows what to keep in, and what to keep out. outsmart the threats. see how at cisco. >>> a horrible
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
. and that also means they have to balance the relationships between khartoum and juba. they are not inclined to trade one for another. but they do realize that they need to good relations with both. and that gives them a stake in seeing some of these conflicts resolved and not having instability or conflict between the two. we talk about that a lot together. >> last year we spent approximately $1.5 billion, including half a billion dollars for peacekeeping in the sudan situation generally. what is your estimate of whether these sums are likely to be larger, or will it be a request by the administration for more than one an and a half a billion the coming year? can you give us any benchmarks of our whole budgetary situation as you recall, is tense elsewhere but sudan is important. what would you predict in this area? >> well, i realize that we have one of the largest combination of peacekeeping operations in sudan than anyplace in the world. we have the combined force in darfur, and we have a new mission in south sudan which is not so much -- partly peacekeeping but it's a lot of ass
Jul 9, 2011 7:00am PDT
breaking away from sudan. the new flag was raised today in the capitol of juba. south and north sudan battled two several wars over more than five decades that left two million people dead. the wars culminated in a 2005 peace deal that led to today's independence declaration. >>> billionaire tycoon rupert murdoch is flying to london today to dress a growing newspaper scandal. he'll shut down the tabloid news of the world tomorrow. british police yesterday arrested a former world employee, the tabloid looked for dirt by hack into the voice mails of celebrities and politicians. this week reports surfaced that the pam paper listened to and deleted voice mails of a missing schoolgirl later found murdered. >>> a miami expressway is back open after a bomb scare. miami police found a silver hearse yesterday afternoon on the street beneath the palmetto expressway. when officers looked inside, they found some sort of weapon, enough for them to bring out the bomb squad. squad later gave the all-clear but enough to rate. some nerves. >> i was scared and a little nervous, trying to get ever
Jul 7, 2011 5:00pm EDT
the new state of south sudan and must leave in a hour or so to juba to be a part of that great achievement. but i will stay as long as i can. i certainly look forward to your insights and challenges facing somalia. and the united states and the root causes of these challenges. let me also say that i really commend our witnesses, all of whom have extinguished backgrounds with dealing with somalia and other difficult places in the world. especially the honorable donald mota who has spent so much time in the area and has been responsible for so many achievements that we've seen in the very troubled parts of the world where he has served. i've had a long history of engagement with somalia. my most recent trip in april of 2009 gained international attention because of the motar attack on my plane as i left. but that was not my first visit. nor was it the first attack on a plane that i was boarding. the first happening in early 1992. when i attended and the plane was fired on as we were and getting ready to leave. but it was not airborne. in 2009. of course, my good luck, they didn't
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)